Ever woke up one morning and realized that there was no true meaning of your life, no real purpose and envisioned a long toilful, lonely journey into the future dragging your feet ahead with much difficulty? When every day became a cage stopping you from flying and every second became an impatient longing? When words spewed from the lips when they weren’t meant to be, when every circumstance made you hold your head in ire and tear your hair apart? When time and space distorted and you didn’t know what was what, when was when, who was who and why was why? When your own emotions drowned you, dragged you into the quicksand, and no one was there to hold your hand and pull you out? Were emotions meant to do this? Were they meant to give us the entire feeling of living a life or the entire feeling of living a death? The life becomes a medley of questions; unanswerable and continually reducing you to dust. But the biggest question stands – do they need an answer?


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