Monthly Archives: July 2013


Deep within the confines of the sacred temple, the golden bird I found. It perched on my shoulders, and chirped, and I said, “I ask thee, the golden bird, who has created you, so beautiful, so mesmerizing?” And her voice, mellow as the emotion that is felt while witnessing the sunset, sang, “The lord created me, he who created this temple; the watchmaker, controller of time, controller of the universe, controller of life.” “Who is he”, I asked. And my ears resonated with the melodious voice, “He is the embodiment of the laws governing the universe. He is the energy that is conserved, the momentum that is unequivocal, the uncertainty of position and the uncertainty of velocity. He is the mass and the space-time, and the electron that is spinning (or is it not?). He has created me. I’m the work of nature. Of the law of the universe. And it makes me beautiful.”

As I fathomed the meaning of these words, a sense of becalmness, of satiation came over me. The universe had ordained to keep me here, and only it would ordain to take me away. And this was it, the temple, the golden bird, and did I mention, the perpetual waterfall I beheld: my journey to the center of the universe.