Coffee Break: Two

Four months since the blog; Two months since Coffee Break: One. A lot has transpired; nothing has transpired. Life is moving at maximum velocity ahead; life is moving at maximum velocity backward. I am happy, joyous, elated, blithe. I am despondent, sad, poignant, depressed, lonely. I love. I do not love. Twin elements of duality have taken me by the wrists, tugging and pulling me along, like the mysterious postulated quantum foam in the interiors of a black hole tugging and pulling space and time into uncertainty. And thus, I’ve slowly made myself indescribable, difficult-to-define – to myself. In the end, I’m a walking bunch of contradictions. Not to others. To myself. 

I really wanted to end it here, but however accurate it may be, it still isn’t a way to end this post. I see I’ve become more of a poet now. Maybe I was always. Right now, I’m short of descriptions of what I’m doing. Maybe in the next break I will be engulfed with things to write.

Maybe I even hate this post.

Adios. More writings will flow in soon.


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