Silent Times.

There are times now,
short and prolonged periods
when I don’t like
to speak at all

Purse those lips
and look at things
just peruse
thinking nothing

I sit in comfort
in the warmth of a blanket
but inside something stirs
a screw unturns
a world unfurls

There used to be a time
when loquaciousity was innate
words weren’t hard to come by
but nowadays
I have nothing
nothing to speak at all
besides asinine excerpts
now and then
with maybe similarly asinine company?

Am I happy?
The most difficult question
in the world
for ’tis all a kaleidoscope
happiness and sadness but patterns

I don’t feel confidence
nor motivation
but curiosity drives me
out of this abomination
of a life that would be
and of course
certain companions
I’ve surrounded myself

I just desire,
I could talk
a bit more
channel that passion
yet again,
optimism is on the horizon


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