Happy Birthday, Sanskriti!

A poem written for a friend a while ago as a birthday gift and tribute to the person she is! 

A month has passed,
since the divine day
the coming-of-age
the best moments of your life
the heavenly bliss bestowed
upon you.
I know I faltered, am late
but I hope like old wine
it rekindles the ecstacy
of the day you turned eighteen
brings back memories
makes you smile a little
a chuckle or two
and experience mellow sweetness of mind!

And about you,
words escape me
to describe what a gem you are,
a personality of utmost vibrance
sprinkled with every desirable quality
seriousness, liveliness, craziness (main pagal ho gayi hun :D)
responsibility, care, a genuine friend
(who reminded me so many times of my cuteness,
which I’m arguably not :p)
and so much that goes undescribed.

I’m elated and blessed that I met you
a person who’d listen to me
one of the oases
in the desert of our college
and I imagine our yet-to-be-discussions
under the tree opposite of MechC
never change who you are
you are an angel this way,
and although I’m late
and it took your message to shake me up
I hope the poem
was an upliftment
like swatches of air
carrying in their arms you
and as it descended and calmed
and end, like it will now
brings over
peace and never quite ends
Happy 18th Birthday once again. Sorry for the delay. :)

*Gift wrapped in love, affection and a tribute to you*


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