Happy Birthday, Neha.

Another poem written for another amazing friend on her birthday!

Neha. Kuch mithaas,
kuch khatti, kuch meethi
aisi hai hamaari ye Neha.
Kabhi chulbuli, kabhi shaant
waise jyada toh chulbuli hi rehti
itna bole kabhi to ki bhagwaan hi sambhaale
Par insaan dekho ye awwal number ki hai
pyaar deti bhi hai aur leti bhi hai
dil bilkul swachch hai iska.

And this is where the poem takes a swivel
and turns into a reminscent memory
It has not been
a lot of time
since we met
only maybe a quarter
year or so
the cup of memory is full to the brim
of all you, Gunjan, Ishan, Bhumika
and many others have shared with me
in such a short time
But since this is your birthday
to hell with them and focus on only you.
The first time we really met
in June was it?
I knew I had met a friend
the camaraderie built up
with the day at Bhumika’s house
to the amazing birthday of Ishan
to the mindbogglingly insane facebook group chats
to the warmth that you exude
and to this day! Glad to have come so far!

Ab phir hindi mein kuch alfaaz
tujhe pata nahi ye sab kitna
kartein hai tujhse pyaar itna
Jo bhi tujhe jaane
taarif kiye bina na rehta
par tu nahi jaane
kitne logon ko jeena sikhaya tune.
Par tu karle kuch bhi,
tu rahegi to Vasmol hi
surakshit kaale tere baal
vasmol ne *kiya kamaal*
ab bas itna kahunga mai
saari ki saari khushiyaan pare tere palle
happy birthday Neha Jaini, kartein hain ab balle balle! :D


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