Monthly Archives: May 2014

Poem in Vain.

I want to speak, I want to speak
but I do not want to speak this
this is all pointless
I can see myself crumbling again
under myself
How do I describe the abjectness that seizes me? 
How do I?
Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a cold dark place
And there’s no escape
I can feel the hole drilled from the one side of my head to the other,
as I stand
unable to do anything about it 
but scream
scream in excruciating pain

As I said, I want to speak
But not this
This is all in vain.



don’t erupt now
They just wait, excitedly,
just below the larynx
It’s a different kind of rush
a slow, mellow movement of time
like an insect enclosed in an amber

Happy Birthday Ekansha.

Happy Birthday to Ekansha di! I wrote a poem for her as a gift.

In the ensemble of poetry
this girl, lady I met
kindest of hearts
She breathes Faiz
she speaks emotion
and works the rhythm of life
And she speaks them with her eyes,
those lovely eyes
as beautiful as they are understanding
in which I have seen both tears and delight
I have seen her revel in the imperfectness of being,
as if she found perfection even there
And the warmth she communicates
cannot be put into words certainly.