Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rainy Night.

A rainy night’s chorus in unison
against a damp, violet background
descends upon my roofs in precision
like an orchestra of sordid tales
and unsaid words, in musical derision
not in resonance with the rocking chair
the beat goes on in a mocking jeer
but music also the thunder makes
these three frequencies interfere
and interfere, to an uneven leer
upon the man in regret of his deeds.


Ten Lines.

Another day.
Books, seaside, walks.
Scrounging for one more
In this search I see
how poetry takes me to places
to jungles of imagination, and islands alike
vast vistas of unexplored territory and rusted memories
But in dreams within dreams within dreams, there’s you.
Sighing, I escape into happiness, as the clock strikes ten.

Anna Karenina.

The yellow crisp paper
of the ancient hardbound
melts between these leather
fingers of mine
as the dingy aroma
takes me into 
the old pages of my life
sepia-tinted days
when I drowned in the 
wafting aroma of the fresh pages
back when the young man inhabited me.
Today I give away, this now old, embittered youth
to my inheritance
with beaming eyes and a fruitful life awaiting;
For ever.



A bluish spring sea
glitters in perfect calm with sun
a fish rises and dives


The summer sun shines
above naked bodies tanned;
and dead fish ashore.


Rolling waves in autumn
Crash on sand castles on beaches;
Children scamper away.


The sea lingers on
in cold silence without winds;
Ice crackles and roars.



I wandered and wavered on a lonely tread
I sauntered and weaved a holy thread
listening to the soft murmurs
lingering on the warm burners

Walking, trotting
cantering and talking,
a poet with his poem
on a youthful poetic galloping;
this ambulatory evening
the circling sun setting
becalming colors exuding
the artistic scenery elating
the winter not abating
and a poet’s relationship
with his poem escaping
the locks, the bonds, the chains
into the infinite universe exploding.


I wondered and dreamt
that the world at last would be there
for me to revolve around it
for other faith I had none
but nowadays I feel it
intangibly spinning around me
making me morbid
nauseated to my death
It was never known
that even decisions positive
could be taxing emotionally
more than any taxation physical or mental
Well, I know now.


Moments race me past
and I put forth an effort to gaze and gauge
heavens knows I’m miserable now
Someone might question
where do I see myself in the ten years that follow?
In my grave.
In ashes, soot.
at last I will be free.