I wondered and dreamt
that the world at last would be there
for me to revolve around it
for other faith I had none
but nowadays I feel it
intangibly spinning around me
making me morbid
nauseated to my death
It was never known
that even decisions positive
could be taxing emotionally
more than any taxation physical or mental
Well, I know now.


3 thoughts on “Vertigo.

  1. kumar harsh

    Nice work but I am observing that the abstractness is fading away in your poetry. Not that it is bad, it is always good to explore new avenues. Also, I know exactly , what you’d have felt while writing this poem. I’ve gone through this phase.

    1. Varun Rustagi Post author

      Thanks for the feedback! I completely understand and indeed am aware of this. I haven’t experienced that psychological flow while writing for a long time now, and I wonder whether this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that I haven’t been able to read consistently.

    2. Varun Rustagi Post author

      I was already contemplating taking a hiatus from free verse and trying various rhymes or specific forms of poetry like haiku or iambic. But even that won’t work for me without any sort of flow.

      Maybe the lack of abstractness reflects my mood here, but that’s nothing more than an excuse since it’s been a repeating pattern from the last few poems.


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