Monthly Archives: October 2014

The beetle which gets under my skin.

There is this beetle on the wall
and it’s going to give me a sleepless tonight.
I’m certain it is not a lady
with black polka dots and red
(else I would’ve nothing to fear)
but a corrosive hardened green which creeps me out
and when it creeps on my wrist
I will be washing my hands in the sink
To ward off the fear and stink
And the rest of the night
it’s going to be a Boogeyman under my bed.
I just can’t get out this thought out of my head.
You beetle, who makes me sweat in the damp night
I’ll find you and I’ll step on you
And I’ll be strong again.


In my memory.

Day one, it enthralls.
An artwork is created,
a fulfillment of desire,
a little sepia radiates.
Day two, it burns bright.
The artwork is shaped
to artist’s eyes the fire,
the fine details to admire.
Day three, it glows steadily.
In background it blends
a duller tone subtends,
but keeps the artist warm.
Day four, more hue changes.
All in the eyes,
artist aware and writes,
depth not lost on them.
Day five, sunset.