Absentia: Three.

A modern dilemma
You blankly stare
a halted scroll
pretend that your disbelief is suspended
but it will be a punch in your gut
and it will travel upwards
and you will choke.
You blankly stare
you know what is there
you know – you feel invisible
you feel you’re not there anymore
you suddenly feel empty
hollowed out – your own voice
ringing inside your head
no, not even that – it’s dead silent,
and you are harrowed.
But, but, it was nothing serious
she, he and she, those three
she was just showing affection
he was just having a quality time
it was just a birthday she was attending.
and it was all public.
but you weren’t there
at any of the places.
You are forgotten


2 thoughts on “Absentia: Three.

  1. Himz

    So I read and re read your poems…different and very deep. It took me a while to understand these and I think you should meet me and help me understand…:-p anyways, I liked first anyways nd second more. Very well written. Very nice varun :)


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