Monthly Archives: December 2015


Think of the youth,
Think of the twilight,
Think of the dawn,
Think of the old.
We have the time of our lives
ahead of us
but for someone it fades
all the more
nostalgia haunts someone
Look at the stars in the sky
and think of the earth
and its people, as a whole
we, who shall live, who shall die
together – in an epoch.


Have You Ever Looked at a City?

Have you ever looked at a city?
Under the roads
inside the folds of intricate architecture
in cylindrical poles splitting
the streets down the middle
by taking apart a food stall
resting at the junction
of pathways that end abruptly
in the faces of its people
above the rooftops of glamorous restaurants
on the bridge overlooking the river
While waiting at the cafe by the pavement for a taxi at twilight
At yourself.
Unearth something.

Have you ever looked at a city?
What did you find?
Who did you discover?


In a box of sand
You and I
Run along glass walls
leaving behind only footprints
Centuries later
there only remains
in the chaos of the universe
a faint impression
of the disorder which our feet
brought upon the sand, together.
which your breath against mine
wrought upon the air.

Here my fingers traced the texture of yours
and your lips found mine.
Somewhere in the vacuum there still are a few atoms
which carry the lingering echo of your voice
as you told me you loved me.
One of them, out of sheer coincidence
collides with another aimless atom
which somehow bears a resemblance of your name
in my voice.
After all these years.
Billions of them.
We meet again.

The scratches on my palms.

The wind blows from all directions
And today it is not easy
to not look at my palms
but I lean on the railings
Against the winds
For I’m the storm, I’m the strength.
I’m the winds of change, I’m the pillar of humanity
I’m the sunset on the horizon, the mast of the ship
And I’ve just set sail
So I’ll stop staring at my palms
Because I don’t see kindness there
There is no destiny that has not wrath
We make our own, and kindness is in ourselves.