Leaves Painted on the Road.

I am perched on the bed
and propped against the window,
my eyes fixated on the view outside:
leaves painted into a beautiful
pattern on roads by the breeze
that cradles the trees to slumber
on a cloudless spring night
and gently illuminated by the streetlights
which have entered into a
playful conspiracy with nature
conversing through the whispers
of the breeze – in all likeliness;
these are the sceneries the sights
of which imprint themselves in the mind
the folds of the brain, figuratively speaking
where they’d reside, but not juxtaposed
with thousand countless simplicities
and form an abstract stained glass mosaic.

Absentia: Three.

A modern dilemma
You blankly stare
a halted scroll
pretend that your disbelief is suspended
but it will be a punch in your gut
and it will travel upwards
and you will choke.
You blankly stare
you know what is there
you know – you feel invisible
you feel you’re not there anymore
you suddenly feel empty
hollowed out – your own voice
ringing inside your head
no, not even that – it’s dead silent,
and you are harrowed.
But, but, it was nothing serious
she, he and she, those three
she was just showing affection
he was just having a quality time
it was just a birthday she was attending.
and it was all public.
but you weren’t there
at any of the places.
You are forgotten

Absentia: Two.

Maybe being forgotten
being buried away
in the interstices of time
has its own crooked beauty
awaiting a moment of poignant nostalgia
of discovery when it eventually comes
a face erupting with a smile of recognition.
I’d like to be buried away
in the pages of space and time
and then be revived
years later. Dead in India,
Reborn in Bolivia, Papua New Guinea,

Absentia: One.

I do not wish to sway
to the tune of the incoming flood
and oh, the flood
is right on the brink
the swathes of memory
the swerves of infinite empty existence
the fear of being submerged
and being invisible
I do not wish to relinquish myself
to be rooted out
– like a weed.
I must escape, and disappear
into the city alleyways,
garbage bins, brothels,
wherever it is safe,
the flood waits at the horizon
at sunset.

Does it?

To think of, things haven’t changed much
I’m still the mirror cracked from side to side,
you still conceal those rusted gears of life beneath your blithe
The only change is that we aren’t holding hands anymore.
The only change is that you aren’t the constant in my life anymore.
And I’m probably not in yours anymore.
It does not matter.

मैं हुँ एक चौकीदार।

मैं हुँ एक चौकीदार
साल के सारे दिन समान ही होंते हैं
मेरे लिए ।
हर दिन इस खेल परिसर में आता हूँ
निगरानी रखता हूँ लोगों और बच्चों पर
फिर चला जाता हूँ ।
ज्यादा सोचना नहीं पड़ता, और ज्यादा सोचना है भी नहीं।
घर पर परिवार का पेट जो भरना है
सोचने से तो भरेगा नहीं वो।
पर आज – आज कुछ हुआ
हवा में सरसराती हुई आइ एक पतंग मेरे पास
काम पर ही था मैं तब।
वह पतंग बैंगनी रंग की थी
और गोले थे उसपर पीले
– वह मेरे हाथों में आकर गिरी
या फिर वो मैं ही था जो उसको गले लगा लिया था।
कोई और मुझे देखता इस समय, तो सोचने लगा होगा
कि क्यों पकड़ कर खड़ा है, देखे जा रहा है,
इस पतंग को यह।
पर जो ख्वाब, जो यादें और जो ख्वाब यादें बन कर रह गए थे
वों तो इस दिल में उमड़ रहे थे ना।
मैं पतंग को देखता रहा, और पतंग मुझे।
और मैं खो गया अपने बचपन में
और खो गया था मेरा बचपन।
कहते हैं पतंगें उची उड़ती स्वतंत्रता हैं, आजादी हैं, सपने हैं
पर कहाँ उड़ चुकी है आज़ादी हमारे लिए
मैं और मेरे जैसों के लिए।
मैं आज़ाद नहीं हूँ अब
बस हूँ एक चौकीदार
साल के सब दिन समान होते हैं मेरे लिए।